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After losing her mother around Christmas, Noel decides to return to Harlem and sell her childhood home. When she steps back inside the brownstone, the spirits of her family who passed before her begin to speak, making her decision to sell even more difficult than she anticipated. The First Noel is a memory musical that flashes us back to Harlem in 1985 and follows the story of Noel as a child and her desire for Christmas in a house where holiday joy has been unwelcome for years.  Her parents struggle to recover from the death of their first child until an unexpected visitor turns things upside-down and brings three generations of the family together just in time for Christmas. With a score infused with Gospel, Pop and re-imagined holiday classics, “The First Noel” delivers the Christmas Spirit to audiences in a fresh, new way. The sound of today combines with the holiday nostalgia of yesterday, creating Harlem’s answer to the perennial Holiday classic.

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